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Letter Inserts

Inserts are an effective, inexpensive way to place an ad in a catalog or magazine, newspapers, and within product packaging. To make your ads successful, though, you need high quality inserts printing, otherwise customers may overlook you at a glance. Inserts are a great way to build a marketing relationship with other businesses.

Mail Order Envelopes
Blow-In Cards

Create an order form and envelope in one easy to use form. Permanent glue welds the seams to create the pocket, while remoistenable gum or tape is used to seal the envelope. Perforation and scores allow the envelope to be removed and the order form inserted and mailed. M.O.E’s can be bound in magazines, booklets, or as direct mail programs.

“Blow-in” cards (as bindery machines blow the inserts into the printed pieces during manufacture) are most famously successful for magazines and newspapers to advertise their subscription offers. Their size makes them perfect as business reply mail, coupons for in-store and online sales, or to call out special offer from within the larger print piece. “Bind-in” cards stay attached to the piece, usually with a perforation to allow removal.

Any piece of direct mail that does not require an envelope. In lieu of the envelope, a self-mailer is designed so that address information and postage can be printed (or affixed) directly on it. Self-mailers offer a cost-effective method of direct mail marketing, with the vast majority being distributed to consumer households.

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